The Rune Stone Diaries

The Rune Stone Diaries

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This is an extension of my Runes'n'ruins-site. Here I will tell you a bit more about the rune stones and also give you their exact locations as .kmz-files, which you can open with Google Earth on your computer, pad or phone. I hope that you'll find it easy to navigate through. Enjoy!


Useful linksPosted by Peo Rehn Tue, March 05, 2013 12:34:46
I'll make it easy for myself, and just give you the URL to a couple of good sites.

Wikipedia gives a good introduction :

Still Wikipedia - under "Further reading", there's "Die Goldbrakteaten der Völkerwanderungszeit. Ikonographischer Katalog." There are detailed descriptions of them in German, but if you just want to see pictures of them you open "Band 1:3", "Band 2:2" and "Band 3:2". If you don't want to study the files online, you'll find a pdf-download pretty high up to the left.

I also gave the bracteates on my site a page of their own :

I'll add more links later on, when I find them....

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